Every man has a Purpose, but not every man has a Vision.

Every man is created with a Purpose by default. The Purpose is the mission, task, work or assignment of the man.

Purpose is the ‘WHY’ of a man!

Purpose is what a man is designed, built or created to do.

Purpose is the aim of man, but Vision is given based on a man’s Purpose.

There cannot be a Vision without a Purpose, but there are men without Vision.

Purpose is something a man does, but Vision is somewhere or a place a man wants to be.

Vision is a destination, but Purpose is an activity or action; Purpose takes you to the vision.

Vision is a unique place a man desires to be in the future. This place can be pictured or imagined. It is seen in the mind or dream continually.

The Vision of a man is able to drive, motivate, and discipline him to focus and persist until he achieves it.

Vision is very powerful, but Purpose is greater than Vision.

This is because Purpose can stand alone, but Vision stands on a Purpose. Anything that can stand alone is greater than anything that cannot.

Purpose is the ultimate foundation of man given by God. However, it has to be in the LORD Jesus Christ, and end in Him.

The awareness of a man’s Purpose changes his life forever. However, it takes only God to help you to become aware of your Purpose and understand it.

#NAAM #SUDE #SudeGlobal #SudeFoundation

Nana Adjei Ampofo Manu – NAAM

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