Enemies are like a gift to us. They have an important part to play in our lives which cannot be overlooked.

The role our Enemies play in our lives are predestined by God for the purpose for which He created us.

Your Enemies are ordained by God for the sake of your victory and testimony.

God usually gives us enemies that are more powerful, greater and stronger than ourselves, so that we can trust and depend on only Him to achieve victory over them. This is because the LORD will not give His glory to anybody, and He doesn’t want His people to boast in their abilities.

The knowledge of our enemies and their works can serve as a powerful motivation for us. However, their existence and presence are almost always unpleasant.

As a boxer cannot win a fight in the boxing ring without an opponent, so is a man who desires victory in life.

Man is usually in a battle whether known or unknown. The awareness of this reality can help you to prepare and even stay prepared.

Our enemies are customized to our purpose and victory.

This is why we need to love them and pray for them. They need it for our sake.

#NAAM #SUDE #SudeGlobal #SudeFoundation

Nana Adjei Ampofo Manu – NAAM

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